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  Interior Refurbish by Selkirk Aviation

Selkirk Aviation has provided many Cessna owners with interior kits over the years. Here are photos of a refurbish project for Al Malecha of Sierra Vista, Arizona. Al flew his plane into Coeur d'Alene to have this Roberts Grey Interior Kit installed on his Cessna.

SA55-14 rear bulkhead cover
This picture was taken from the rear view of the interior of Al's Cessna airplane after custom installation of an SA55-14 rear bulkhead cover.

The three photos below show the steps to installing the Atlee Dodge seat rail system on fiberglass panels:

step one

Step 2

Step 3


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Malecha Refurbish

Custom panel cut to accommodate the Altee Dodge seat rails

This picture shows the left rear view of the inside of the aircraft and how the panel is custom cut by Selkirk Aviation to accommodate the Atlee Dodge seat rails.





left front section of aircraftThis picture taken by Selkirk Aviation shows the left front section of the aircraft



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